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My Honey Song

I used to sing for money
I used to spend my voice
on songs not of my own choice.
So here I come, my honey,
to spend my voice on you,
´cause shine more bright and sunny,
truly more than money,
you do, you really do!

I used to work for money
I used to charge ´em high
now hear my sincear goodby
to moneywork, my honey!
I hope you, honey, are the kind
with open heart and mind
who likes me all the same,
though singing just for fame.

So now I sing for honey,
my honey makes my life,
she used to be my wife
and myself, I find it funny
that when my voice got free
my honey looked so tired,
she never wants to hear me
as before, when still I was hired.

I want my darlin´ home back,
I miss her shining eyes!
She looked at me, then rise
and packed my travelsack.
I have no use of songs,
my heart to her belongs,
So please return my honey,
I can still sing for money!

So now again I use to
do what I did before,
I sing the songs to ever who
pays me well, and pays me more.
I lost my honey´s heart,
so here´s my second start
with my song of love to honey,
´spite free thus singing for money!